Share your sounds with the fediverse


The project is unfortunately stopped due to lack of help from FLOSS communities as explained in this issue.

It is not recommended to run an instance for security reasons.

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It’s all about the sound

reel2bits was an open source project that lets you upload your music, podcasts or other sounds, organize it into albums, and follow other users to see what they share.

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It’s huge!

Each reel2bits instance is a part of a bigger network called the Fediverse. It means that users from different instances can connect with each other, and even the users of other activitypub enabled platforms, like Mastodon or Pleroma can interact with reel2bits users.

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It’s opensource

reel2bits is an open source project, which means anybody can use, modify or tweak it however they want. Ready to dig through the code? Check out our GitHub page!

It's simple

See for yourself
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It’s currently under construction

reel2bits came a long way to the point it’s in now.
We are still working to make reel2bits nice and smooth in every aspect, and with your help we can make it a lot faster.
reel2bits is written in Python, Flask and VueJS.
Feel like contributing?
Check out the GitHub page and documentation.
Have questions? Ask them on the reel2bits matrix channel, or email them to the project maintainer.

Get it

Want to install reel2bits on your server? Check the documentation

Installation Guides

Have a YunoHost? Install it from the package

Check the package GitHub page

Have questions? Ask them in matrix channel or by email.

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